Any person wishing to access the North Face climbing gym and its facilities must read these rules and regulations and agree to respect them. These rules will be permanently posted on the website, at the entrance of the premises and in the locker rooms.
Access to climbing gym
  1. All climbers must present themselves at the reception desk upon arrival to pay their entrance fee or present their membership to access the climbing gym. Other persons may enter the bar area freely but have no access to the climbing gym. 
  2. The 10-session cards and memberships are valid for a maximum of one year.
  3. The minimum age for access to the climbing gym, without a responsible adult, is 13 years. A parental authorization is required in this case. 
  4. Pets are not allowed in any part of the building.
  5. Any person wishing to use the climbing gym must first take out third party insurance with the insurance company of their choice, provided that it is of good repute. No insurance is included in the admission fee or membership except for the annual membership, courses and workshops.
  6. Everyone is required to wear climbing shoes (as well as appropriate sportswear) in the climbing gym, except for groups (birthday parties, schools, private groups), who must nevertheless wear clean shoes, if possible different from those they came with. Slippers are available for rent or for sale at the climbing gym.
  7. If you need a descender from the hall, the staff will provide you with a gri-gri if you are autonomous or a tube if you are a beginner (under the control of a competent person) or as a first step in educational training (courses, workshops, schools)
  8. Powdered magnesia is tolerated but strongly discouraged for health and cleanliness reasons. It is forbidden for children up to 12 years old. Use liquid chalk or climb with bare hands.
  9. It is forbidden to eat or drink in the climbing gym or locker rooms. Only the bar area is allowed.
  10. Certain areas of the climbing gym may be temporarily inaccessible for courses, workshops or route openings. 
  11. Lead climbing is only allowed if the world allows it. In this case, climbers must use their own rope.
  12. In the event of a major influx of people, the staff member may refuse entry to a person or group for safety reasons.
  13. In the event of a breach of these rules, the staff member may immediately dismiss the offender, without being required to give reasons for his decision. In this case, the unused portion of the admission fee or the current membership fee will not be refunded.
  1. Face Nord declines all responsibility for accidents resulting from distraction, clumsiness, negligence, improper use of equipment or failure to observe safety rules.
  2. All users agree to respect the rules of good conduct and the customs of climbing by taking all the necessary precautions to ensure their safety and that of third parties, in particular the DOUBLE CHECK at the bottom AND top of the routes.
  3. It is forbidden to run in the building or to climb the balustrades 
  4. Climbing is forbidden while intoxicated or after consuming any substance incompatible with the practice of sport. 
  5. Solo climbing is strictly prohibited. Only traverses, not roped up, are allowed as long as the climber’s hands do not exceed 3m in height (two panels). In this case, the parry or crash pad is strongly recommended.
  6. When a climber is busy on a TruBlue self-belay line, the routes on adjacent ropes are not accessible and vice versa. 
  7. All users undertake to respect the equipment provided and to use it with the utmost care, in accordance with its intended purpose and the guidelines and instructions received. In the event of damage, even partial, to the equipment provided, he or she will be required to reimburse the damage upon presentation of the replacement or repair bill.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to modify or move the safety equipment and the plugs without authorization. Any person noticing a problem with these elements is asked to inform the permanent staff of the hall.
  9. Face Nord declines all responsibility in case of theft of personal belongings in the building or in the parking lots.
  1. It is forbidden to smoke, to smoke or to take drugs in all the premises of the building
  2. No advertising, no trade, no classes can take place in the room without the written consent of the management.
  3. The use of smartphones and cameras is not prohibited in the climbing gym. However, all recordings and photos must be taken in compliance with the law. 
  4. At all times, you consent to the use of group videos and/or photographs (min. 5 people) for use in communication materials for the promotion of Face Nord. For individual photos, a request must be made in writing. 
  5. It is authorized to consume products not sold by Face Nord (sandwiches or others) in the bar area.
  6. The management reserves the right to modify at any time the opening hours, the prices and the present rules with immediate effect.