These general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) and the internal regulations (hereinafter referred to as “IR”) apply automatically to any sale of services (hereinafter referred to as “Contract”) provided in the climbing gym, concluded between the customer (hereinafter referred to as “Member”) and the company Face Nord.

Any sale implies the Member’s prior acceptance of these GTC. The Member acknowledges having read them before placing an order and accepts them unreservedly in their entirety. 

The Member also acknowledges that he/she has read the ROI which completes the GTC and which specifies the terms of access to the facilities as well as the related safety rules. 

The applicable GTC are those in force on the day of the sale. They cancel and replace in all their provisions those which could have been previously accepted by the Member. Face Nord reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time the present GTC and to publish them on its website.


The Member subscribes to one of the services described below. Any subscription made by or for a Member is nominative and non-transferable. 

When the service concerns a minor under 13 years of age, he/she must be accompanied by a parent or legal representative. All minors enrolled in climbing courses or internships and all minors over 12 years old wishing to climb alone, must have a parental authorization filled out and signed by their parent or legal guardian, and accompanied by a copy of their identity card. This document will be given to the Member at the time of ordering. The Member undertakes to ensure that the minor for whom he/she is the legal representative complies with all the provisions of these GTC.

1.1 Rates

The applicable rates are inclusive of all taxes and are those in effect on the day of the sale. They are displayed at the reception desk of the venue and on the website. 

Reduced rates for young people under 24 years old are applied provided they present a valid proof of identity or student card on the day of the subscription.

Face Nord reserves the right to modify its rates at any time without prior notice. 

The payment of a service is always made in full, on the day of the order, by credit card or in cash. As of its payment, the subscription becomes firm, definitive and not cancellable.

On written request to the management, only for courses and annual subscriptions, a monthly payment by direct debit can be granted. In this case, a higher rate will apply.  

1.2 Single admission, 10-session card and subscriptions

The Member can pay for a single session, purchase a 10-session card or take out a quarterly/annual subscription, valid for a maximum of one year. 

If the Member wishes to convert his or her 10-session card into a quarterly or annual subscription, the balance of the remaining sessions on his or her account will not be deducted from the amount of the new subscription. However, he or she may transfer the 10-session card to another account.

If the Member decides to convert his or her quarterly subscription to an annual subscription, he or she will have to wait for the expiration of the current subscription. 

Memberships are not tacitly renewed. It is the climber’s responsibility to take out a new subscription when it expires.

1.3 Courses and workshops

Supervised group or private climbing lessons are offered to adults and children during the school year, according to the duration, schedules, rates and conditions posted at the reception or on the website. 

Climbing courses are offered in the same way for children, during school vacations.

Courses and workshops for children are offered by age category. Unless prior agreement is given by the management, the Member must be of the required age for the courses or internships for which he or she is registered, on the day of the first course, otherwise the registration will be cancelled.

1.4 Groups and birthdays

Face Nord offers birthday packages for children and groups for adults, under the conditions of prices, schedules and reception defined on the website.


2.1. The opening hours of the room are displayed at the reception desk and on the website. Members will be informed of any changes (e.g. summer hours, holidays, etc.) but will not be entitled to any compensation. 

2.2. The conditions of access to the room and the safety rules to be respected are described in the ROI.

2.3. Face Nord reserves the right to cancel a service, to close the room or a part of the room up to 10 days per year (except for official vacations posted on the website), without any compensation being due, in order to allow the organization of competitions, events, development or extension works, …


3.1. At Face Nord’s initiative 

The Contract is terminated or temporarily suspended by right by the management, on the following grounds 

a) in case of fraud or violation of criminal laws and those protecting the rights of third parties, without prior notice or formal notice

b) in the event of non-compliance with these GTC or the ROI, after two unsuccessful warnings. During this period, the Member will have the right to respond to the facts of which he/she is accused. 

c) In case of non-payment: the non-payment of a monthly course or subscription will result in the suspension of the registration until the payment is made after a formal notice to pay within 30 days. And this, without any right to compensation for the weeks missed.

In case of suspension, the Contract will not be extended and the unused days will be lost.

In case of termination of the Contract, any amount paid by the Member will be retained by Face Nord. 

The Contract may also be suspended or terminated by Face Nord in the event of work lasting less than 15 days, force majeure of unlimited duration or permanent closure of the room, without any compensation being claimed.

3.2. At the initiative of the Member 

No service is cancellable or refundable.

However, upon presentation of a valid medical certificate, in case of pregnancy or inability to practice any sport for more than 6 months, for professional reasons (dismissal, expatriation, …) or any other justified reason of force majeure, the Member may terminate his or her course or annual subscription. The cancellation will take effect upon receipt of the supporting documents. In this case, the management will reimburse the course or subscription on a pro rata basis for the weeks missed, by bank transfer.  

In the event of a one-time incapacity of between 1 and 6 months, the course or annual subscription may be suspended, upon presentation of a medical certificate. In this case, the amount corresponding to the unused weeks will not be reimbursed but will be recovered in the form of a credit or voucher to be used for the next purchase.  

3.3 Withdrawal

The Member has the legal right of withdrawal of 14 days only if his course or subscription is subscribed online on the Internet. To do so, he/she should send an email to 


The Member is invited to take out personal liability insurance, covering him/her, or covering the minor for whom he/she is the legal representative, for any bodily injury (repairing damage to physical integrity) or material damage, of which he/she could be a victim or which he/she could cause to third parties, within the framework of the activities of the Contract which binds him/her to Face Nord. It is the responsibility of the client to take out an insurance policy with any insurer of his/her choice, or to check with his/her current insurer that he/she has the necessary cover in this respect, prior to taking out any service in the hall.

Face Nord has nevertheless subscribed to a collective civil liability insurance policy for courses, internships and annual subscriptions which, in these cases only, exempts the Member from the above point.

AIG Europe n°2004138/23001

– Bodily injury

– Material damage 

– Excess of 25€ to be paid by the Member for each claim.

Bodily damage caused to oneself (broken ankle, broken tooth, … during a fall for example) is not covered by the room


The practice of a sport is accompanied by risks. The Member must be able to evaluate what he or she is capable of. He or she is responsible for the way he or she plays sports and the choices he or she makes in this regard. He or she shall take all necessary precautions to ensure his or her own safety or that of the minor for whom he or she is the legal representative and shall ensure that he or she, or the minor, complies with all the safety rules that are communicated to him or her.

The Member certifies however that his physical constitution and state of health, or that of the minor for whom he is the legal representative, allow him to practice the sport in general, and more particularly rock climbing where the risks related to height are always present.


The personal data that the Member has communicated to Face Nord (such as surname, first name, telephone number, e-mail address) are collected and processed to enable him/her to execute the Contract. The data collected in this way is processed and stored in accordance with the RGPD. The data protection policy is available on the website under the heading “Confidentiality”. 


The Member may address any claim concerning the execution or interpretation of these general terms and conditions, or any other related contractual document, by e-mail to the following address:


8.1. Personal equipment

The Members are informed that there is no locker room with code or padlock at this time and that they must therefore take all necessary precautions to keep their personal belongings safe during the entire duration of the service, without Face Nord being held responsible. 

8.2 Courses, workshops, schools and private groups

Face Nord provides the participants with the equipment necessary for the performance as described on the website. This equipment meets the safety standards in force. The participants will be responsible for following the instructions of the instructor regarding the use of the equipment. They will have to return it in the state it was in when it was given to them. Any equipment damaged by inappropriate use observed by the supervisor, or not returned at the end of the service, will be invoiced to the Member.

8.3 Rental

All equipment rented from the hall must be returned at the end of the session in the same condition in which it was received. Any damaged or unreturned equipment will be charged to the user at the new price of the day.


Copying and use of the North Face logo or name, or any related publication, is strictly prohibited without prior approval from the management.